What Strength e Liquid DO I Need?


That is asked a lot, and there’s not a real answer to it. Most beginners go for high strength juices to help them fight the cravings and adjust to the e-cigarette, anything from 18-36mg is popular with them, later most drop to 18mg or lower. You’ll need to find out yourself. There are many ways to determine this but here’s the simplest two:

Get some adamant liquid 36mg and get some propylene glycol from the pharmacy or vegetable glycerin from most supermarkets (you will also need a little bottle and a dropper). The effect of choosing between glycol or glycerin at this point is negligible as is the weaker resulting taste.. we are testing for the throat hit and lung filling sensation.

Start low, 1 part juice to 1 part solvent makes 18mg juice.. try it, if it’s too weak (constant cravings) you’ll need to go a bit higher.. too active (tension perhaps headache – same effect of smoking much more than usual) then you need to go lower. Alternatively: Someone pointed out that they were having a hard time buying VG and/or PG, there’s a solution for that too, from the vendor you are getting your kit/juice from you could get two small bottles instead of one, the first one will be the high strength nic bottle while the second one will be 0nic juice. The 0nic juice is effectively a PG/VG mix with the flavoring you chose.
Follow the table bellow for more strength combinations

Order small sample bottles (3-5ml’s) from your vendor and try them out

With both methods you’ll need a second order after you’ve discovered your nicotine level preference, good thing is deliveries only take 2-3 days (depending on location) and chances are that you can get more juice at the proper strength this time before your 5ml of sample juice has run out (with the 1st method you can go much longer depending on the size of juice bottle you ordered to begin with)

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