Von Erl Starter Kit Review


The Von Erl starter kit is easy to use and simple. It is a draw-activated closed-system pod mod manufactured by Von Erl, an Austrian firm. Its specs are almost the same as any other pod mod systems on the market, like the Phix, Juul, MyJet, Juno and many more. It comes with a 350 mAh battery which can be recharged via the micro USB port found on the base of the device. The Von Erl features a ceramic black matte finish. It looks so simple, elegant and it’s smooth to touch. It’s designed to minimize discomfort and it is ergonomic in your hand.

Cost and E-juices Choices

The Von Erl pods allows you to use 1.6ml capsules. It offers a bundle of e-juices that you can save up to10% on. These are the various juices for you to select from. They have Von Erl- Tabak Menthol 2 pack in 9mg and 18mg, Mango Apricot 2 pack in 9mg and 18mg,  Green Apple 2 pack in 9mg and 18mg, Tabak Plain 2 pack in 9mg and 18mg, Tabak Menthol 2pack in 18mg, and Blue Ice 2 pack in 9mg and 18mg. Find out about this offer and the e-juices prices at the vape store. This Von Erl – Starter Pack sells for $29.32 only and $8.09 for each e-juice pack.

Von Erl  Starter Kit Contents

  • 1 Von Erl pod mod
  • 1 Von Erl Tabak pod 18mg/ml
  • Micro USB cable
  • The user’s manual


  • 1 amp charging
  • Size   106 x 18 x 19mm
  • Pod capacity   1.6ml
  • Battery capacity   350 mAh
  • Coil resistance  1.5 ohm
  • Wicking material   cotton
  • There are 47 various flavor pods available (12 from Von Erl & 35 from other manufacturers)

Design and Body Quality

The Von Erl is a very simple device that’s easy to operate and use. You are just going to insert a pod and bang! You’re good to go. . Everything in the pack seems all fine, although the mouthpieces don’t always sit flush on the device itself. The gold-plated coil posts longer to the base of the pod and it is contacted directly to the battery pins once connected. I think this device has done a perfect job together with the in-house pods. All of its flavors have their own uniqueness. And the most important part for me is the body of this device. It is made well enough to completely transmit those flavors once you vape them.

How it Performs

Above all, the Von Erl is designed to mock the sensation of smoking a cigarette. It is an MTL device, unlike with some of its similar products like the Xolo, Mistic 2.0, Hilo, or the Kimsun Air 10. Its inbuilt coils have 1.5-ohm resistance and it reminds me of the T18 vape pen’s Innokin’s Prism coils. It is also draw-activated which means the draw is adequately tight. . I just did a few drags consecutively and the draw does remain uncluttered as you go.

Vaping Performance 

If you are curious if Von Erl really does chuck clouds, well, it does. It is actually a mod pod. But with its similarity to the other MTL mod pods, I would say that the Von Erl is on top. It absolutely produces more vapor than the Phix, Juul, or Juno, and almost the same as the Bo One.


When you inhale, the LED indicator that’s flush in the bottom edge of the device will light up. The indicator changes its colors from green (60-100%) to yellow (20-59%) to red (0-19%) indicating the power of the battery. Most pod mods have the same LED indicator and most of them ensure a cross-eyed experience every time you vape with them because the lights turn on in front of your eyes when you inhale. At least here with the Von Erl, the LED indicator is at the bottom of the device,  far away from the mouthpiece is even. Lastly, Von Erl is going the user-friendly route and has a micro USB connection. Any kinds of cables will work on this device. That is definitely a good improvement on some magnetic propriety charger that costs too much as 10 bucks to replace. It only takes 30 minutes charging from an empty to full battery, even with just 1 amp charging.


  • No issues with any leaking
  • Spitback/ e-liquid in mouth
  • The device is well-made
  • Ergonomically sound
  • User-friendly micro USB port
  • Refillable pods
  • No propriety charging nonsense
  • It is among the cheapest per ml for pods out of the bunch
  • Has broad range of flavors in various PG/VG ratios and perfect strengths from different manufacturers are available


  • The battery life indicator is hard to see while in use
  • Price increase on pods

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