Volcano Lavatube v2.5 Mod Review


The Volcano Lavatube v.2.5 is a vape pen-style mod that allows you to customize your vaping experience. It not only comes with variable power options but also has some inbuilt safety features and long battery life.

The Lavatube v2.5 looks like the Lavatube v2. However, this mod comes with some new key features that set it apart from its predecessor.

The Volcano Lavatube v2.5 Mod is made of aluminum alloy and has an anodized aluminum finish. You will find dot matrix patterns on the lower part of the mod to make it easy to grip the device. The mod is available in several attractive colors including red, silver, gun metal gray, black, blue, pink, purple, and gold.

You need a single 18650 battery to operate the Lavatube v2.5. To fix the battery, you have to unscrew the top part of the mod. The package includes a micro USB cable and wall adapter to allow you charge the mod quickly. The mod support pass-through charging, so you can vape while your device is still plugged in.

The Volcano Lavatube v2.5 was one of the first small mods to come with the DNA chipset. This advanced chip allows you to change the voltage and wattage that you are vaping. There is a small blue OLED screen on the body of the mod – just on top of the fire button as well as the + and – button. The screen displays the settings of the device as well as the battery life. To check the battery power, you need to hold down the – button for a few seconds. If it displays 4.2, then the device is fully charged. If it shows 3.4, then the battery is running low. If your battery is almost empty, the screen will show ‘low, ‘ and the device will automatically shut down. You can check the resistance of your coil by holding down the + button for a few seconds.

As indicated earlier, the Lavatuve v2.5 supports variable wattage and voltage mode. The voltage mode is recommended for beginners while more experienced vapers can use the wattage mode. In the voltage mode, you can select between an output of 3 volts to 6 volts. In the wattage mode, however, the device produces between 3 watts to 15 watts.

On top of the Volcano Lavatube v2.5, you will find a 510 connection for attaching your tank.  This mod works very well with the Volcano Tube Tank Pro. You can get this tank, which comes with three 0.3 ohm kanthal vertical coils, for only $29.99.

Besides all the above functions, the Lavatube v2.5 also comes with some built-in safety features. There is a heat coil spring at the bottom of the battery compartment that collapses if there is abnormal heating and battery failure. This protects the mod from damage. It also has reverse battery protection. There are also two ventilation holes under the device to keep the battery from overheating. What’s more, the mod will automatically shut down if you press the fire button for 15 seconds or longer. This is to prevent damage to your atomizer.

Overall, the Volcano Lavatube v2.5 is a beautifully designed tube mod that gives you so much control. It is lightweight, sleek, and durable. This mod can be used by both beginners and experienced vapers. You can purchase the Lavatube v2.5 from any top vape shop. It costs only $49.99 on the Volcano E-Cig online store. Some vape stores are offering a starter kit that consists of the Lavatube v2.5, the Tube Tank Pro, as well as a single 18650 battery and a 15ml bottle of e-liquid for about $84.99.

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