VAMP Rig Mod V3 BAMF Kit Review


The Rig Mod V3 BAMP Kit is an excellent vaping setup vape kit from Vaping American Made Products (VAMP).
This vape kit is composed of the Rig V3 Mod and the Roughneck V3 RDA. This is a premium quality vape kit. It is only recommended for seasoned vapers. Although this device does not come with any screen, you will have a problem using this vaporizer if you do not know about resistance and how to build coils properly.

Rig V3 Mod

The VAMP Rig V3 Mod is one of the best mechanical tube mods that you will find on the market. This company was one of the first to come out with a hybrid mod and continues to come up with cutting-edge designs. The mod has a diameter of 25mm and can fit most mods on the market with a diameter of 25mm or less. Even a 23mm mod doesn’t look bad on this.

If you have used the V1 or V2 mod, then you know that this device has excellent functionality. The mod is made of high-grade aluminum and is very lightweight. The laser etched logo on the body of this mod gives it a really beautiful appearance. It comes with a copper adjustable 510 connection pin. You can also adjust the battery contact to prevent it from rattling. This means you can use batteries of different sizes. The Rig V3 Mod runs on a single 18650 battery. You will find a copper firing button at the base of this mod. This package does not include a battery, so you will have to buy that separately. The firing button has an anti-rotational button, unlike its predecessors. It is quite responsive too thanks to the 4lb spring fitted in there.

The Rig V3 Mod does not only have an eye-grabbing appearance, but it also has superior performance to match that. You can get this mod in copper or brass. A stylish black cerakote brass version of this vape kit is available on Ejuice Deals for only $200. This vaping setup usually costs about $270 or more on some online vape shops.

Roughneck V3 RDA

The Roughneck V3 RDA is a perfect fit for the VAMP Rig V3 Mod. This is a hybrid atomizer made out of stainless steel with a copper sleeve. It has a diameter of 25mm. Since the Rig V3 Mod comes with an adjustable 510 pin, you can remove the top cap off the mod and take off your copper 510 pin before attaching the atomizer. Then you can screw in the 510 pin and ensure it fits properly. You can use the Roughneck V3 RDA on other mods. However, you will need to purchase a 510 adapter.

This RDA comes with a two -post vertical clamp-style build deck. Unlike the previous Roughneck atomizers, the V3 does not come with post holes but a clamp-style deck. You can use either a single or double coil build on this vape kit. This build deck was created to accommodate large coils. It is not difficult to work with this deck, but it is not the best RDA to learn how to build and wick if you are a novice. The build deck has deep juice holes so your wicks can soak up e-juice properly.

The Roughneck V3 RDA is fitted with a wide bore Delrin drip tip. It doesn’t get overheated when you are vaping at a high temperature. Although this vape kit looks small, it can produce massive clouds. The V3 RDA comes with a bottom airflow design. You can adjust the airflow by turning the sleeve of the atomizer.

Each VAMP Rig Mod V3 BAMF Kit comes with a unique serial number. The mod and atomizer each have a serial number which may not match. If you want to take your vaping to the next level, this is the kind of vape kit to get.

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