Turkish Tobacco E-Liquid by Halo Cigs Review


There are several Turkish tobacco e-juice blends on the market. The taste of this mix is meant to resemble that of sun-dried tobacco leaves that are popular in the Black Sea region. The process of drying tobacco leaves in the sun makes it more aromatic and gives it a characteristic taste that you cannot miss. If you are an ex-smoker and you are trying to switch to vaping, Turkish Tobacco by Halo is a perfect choice. The tobacco flavor is rich in this blend. It does not exactly taste or smell like normal cigarette sticks. Instead, it is more like pipe tobacco.

Halo’s Turkish Tobacco has a real earthy tobacco flavor. The is a touch of sweetness in the aftertaste of this e-liquid that goes well with the rich tobacco taste. Although the flavor of this e-liquid is simple, it tastes quite rich and complex. Halo has a way of taking simple e-liquid flavors and come up with something different from the others. There are layers to the taste. This e-juice was made specifically for people who love tobacco flavor. If you don’t really like tobacco, you may not dig this one.

The vapor production of Turkish Tobacco is terrific. This is a MAX VG blend with a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. If you are a cloud chaser, this e-juice from Halo will not let you down especially when you pump up the wattage on a device like the Smok G-Priv Premium Mod Kit 200W TC.

Turkish Tobacco is made with varying nicotine concentration levels. You can get this Halo e-juice with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg of nicotine. The throat hit that you get from vaping this e-liquid is very strong, even at 3mg. This is one of the only reasons why this is not an all day vape. If you like a strong throat hit, you will not be disappointed by this blend. The throat hit is exactly what you expect from a blend that contains tobacco flavor.

Halo’s Turkish Tobacco comes in the usual glass bottle with the blue hue that the company uses to package its e-liquids. The bottle has a dropper tip, so it is hassle free to transfer the e-juice from the bottle to your vaping setup. You will enjoy vaping this e-juice regardless of whether you are using an RDA or a sub ohm tank. A 30ml bottle of Turkish Tobacco is going for over $20 in most online vape stores. But you can get it on Smokly for just $18.90. You can get other Halo e-liquids on the same site for a similar price. The Halo e-juice blends available on Smokly include Tribeca, Long Horn, Mystic, and Malibu.

Halo is one of the companies that has been present in the US vaping industry since its early days. The company started out making cig-a-likes before expanding to making other products include advanced vape kits and e-liquids. If you have been vaping for a while, you are likely to have come across or even used a product from Halo. Halo Cigs is one of the few US vaping companies based in Florida. The company continues to stand out due to the quality of products its has on the market. Halo’s e-liquids are produced with superior grade ingredients. The company puts its e-liquids through a lot of testing before they hit the market. The result is that Halo has many award-winning e-juice blends under its brand. The company not only makes e-liquids with tobacco flavor but also has some dessert and menthol blends.

If you are a fan of tobacco vapes and you are looking for something unique to try, Turkish Tobacco is a good choice.

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