Review of Ice Dragon Ice-Eze


The Ice Dragon Ice-eze e-liquid is a classic mashup that has been produced to give vapers the best feel while vaping. This e-liquid is a mixture of blueberry, raspberry and dragon fruit. These are well blended to give create the best effect for vaping. In addition, there is an addition of iced tang which brings about a refreshing feel for vapers. This e-liquid is suitable for vapers who are looking to get something a bit out of the normal intake of mono flavours. The mash up of blueberry, raspberry and dragon fruit makes it the best fit for vapers looking for something more.

The Ice Dragon Ice-eze comes in only one bottle size, which is 60ml. You can get a bottle of this e-juice for only $25 at Hazetown Vapes.

Ice Dragon Ice-Eze is available with three levels of nicotine. The first is 0mg which means that it is absolutely nicotine free. This is recommended for those who have nicotine allergy or those who do not want to take in nicotine at all. The second level is the 3mg which is a moderate nicotine level for an e-liquid. The third and final level is the 6mg which is the highest nicotine content level that is available for this product. It is higher than the 3mg bottle and is recommended for people who want to get a higher nicotine feel in their e-liquid.

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