Glacialis Menta by Cloud Alchemist Review


Glacialis Menta E-Liquid:
PG / VG   20PG/80VG   50/50PG.
Nicotine    0mg Nicotine  1.5mg  3mg  6mg  12mg
Main Ingredients   Natural Flavors Frosty spearmint, cool peppermint, silky vanilla
USP Food Grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine,

Cloud Alchemists premium e-liquid couldn’t possibly have finished steeping at a more fortuitous time for me. My son had once again managed to bring home another case of the nasties from pre-school and had passed it on to me. I woke up feeling a little stuffy, with a slight irritation in my lungs and throat. I had figured I’d just need to take the day off from reviewing entirely when I remembered that one of the bottles waiting in the drawer was Glacialis Menta, the perfect juice for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. I only hoped it was tasty as well as soothing.

Like many vapers out there, I enjoy a tasty mint/menthol (or ice) combination juice. They tend to be sweet, satisfying, and refreshing, not to mention they come complete with their built-in throat hit, thanks to the cooling component. The previous reviews for Cloud Alchemist have been spectacular, so I was confident that this one, Glacialis Menta, would be great as well

I figured I’d start off with a relatively low wattage, so I almost instinctively reached for my Joyetech Cuboid . Not only can it take me as high as 50 watts, but with a 1Ω coil, I also have the option of vaping as low as 11.5w, lower if I choose to wrap at a higher resistance. I figured the 11.5w would be fine, loaded up a fresh, dual coiled IGO-W4, and got to work.

The flavor is spot on Starlight mint, those red and white after dinner mints that possess a similar flavor to candy cane, only not quite as sweet. The peppermint is exceptionally smooth and quite soothing on a sore throat, and the flavor is fresh, crisp and tasty with just the right amount of sweetness to keep this one firmly in the mint category rather than candy.

After about 20 minutes at the lower wattage, my throat was feeling better from the minty chill, so I decided to crank up the wattage a bit and see how much heat the Glacialis Mentas Peppermint could withstand. I maxed out the Joyetech Cuboid using my 1Ω coil, generating 35 watts, so I opted to switch over to my Helios, which I had just built the prior evening to .6Ω. This would provide me with a far greater wattage range. I was pleased to see the peppermint flavor remain true, even at a full 50w.

Obviously, the chill is substantially increased, as is the throat hit, so I didn’t vape at that wattage for very long, but it’s good to know that the option is there. I eventually settled into a comfortable 32 watts and found the flavor to be well balanced, with just a hint of sweetness.

Despite the strong throat hit, the soothing chill of the mint helped to ease my sore throat, and with good vapor production to boot. On the Joyetech Cuboid , the same general principle will apply. You can take this one as high as you like, without risking flavor degradation from the heat, assuming your dripping atomizer has adequate airflow to the coil. I took mine up to 12w without issue and enjoyed the Cloud Alchemists Glacialis Menta in this rig almost as much as I did with the Joyetech Cuboid 200W TC Mod . Admittedly this is not a sticky juice to master, but the team over at Cloud Alchemist do a great job when it comes to balance and sweetness. This has me eager to see what else is waiting for the review from the vendor.

Finally, some people talk about the different flavors on this one. I don’t taste berries or anything else. I would describe this as a mint/menthol Glacialis Menta. This happens to be a flavor I like. If you like strong mint with a finish of Vanilla with the coolness of menthol, this is the best e-juice for you.


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