How E-Cigarettes Work


The E-Cigarettes Canada Electronic Cigarette (Also known as an E-Cigarette, E-Smoke or Personal Vaporizer) is a high-tech device that is designed to look and act like a traditional cigarette. An E-Cigarettes Canada Electronic Cigarette is made up of 3 main “components”…

The Battery:

A hi quality lithium battery is the longest part of an E-Cigarettes Canada electronic cigarette and provides the power needed for the unit. The end of the battery has an L.E.D light that lights up when the unit is being “inhaled” on, to indicate it is being used (and also gives more of the visual effect of a standard cigarette). The battery life usually is about 4-8 hours of “standard” use and takes about 2-3 hours to recharge in the supplied charger fully.

The Atomizer:

The atomizer is the part of the E-Cigarettes Canada electronic cigarette that produces the “vapor” from the unit, which is inhaled by the user. The basic concept of an atomizer is there is a tiny coil of wire inside, that heats up when the electronic cigarette is used, and this, in turn, converts the e-liquid inside the unit into the smoke like vapor that is produced.

The Cartridge:

The cartridge is the part of the E-Cigarettes Canada e-cigarette at the “user end” (the side that is drawn on like the filter on a cigarette). This contains the e-liquid, and they can come in several types and shapes depending on the model of e-cigarette.

E-Liquid / E-Juice:

The e-liquid is the liquid contained in a cartridge that when heated, produces a simulated “smoke” that is a vapor. Since it is not created by burning tobacco like a standard cigarette, it does not produce any second-hand smoke. E-Juice contains natural flavoring (such as smoking, cherry, menthol, apple, etc.) and Vegetable Glycerin, which is a safe FDA approved food additive which produces the vapor.

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