Electronic cigarettes (also known as E-Cigarettes, e-smokes or personal vaporizers) are a high-tech device that simulates the experience of smoking, but through the use of their advanced micro technology produce a vapor, not smoke like a traditional cigarette.

How does it compare to smoking a regular cigarette?

Smoking an electronic cigarette is very close to “The Real Thing.” The e-liquid (depending on flavor used) can provide a taste very close to a traditional tobacco cigarette, and the electronic cigarette also produces a smoke-like vapor that looks like regular smoke.
What makes the “smoke”?

A mixture of vegetable glycerin and flavoring are the components of the “E-liquid.”

How long do cartridges and E-liquid last?

This varies a little based on the model of electronic cigarette, but a cartridge lasts around the equivalent of 12-15 cigarettes or more.

Does E-smoking or “vaporizing” cost less than smoking?

Yes! Based on smoking a pack a day, E-cigarettes on average cost about 1/4 as much!
There are several different Electronic Cigarettes on the market, how do I know I´m getting the best product?

We have done extensive research and testing to provide the best unit’s on the market to you. We also hand inspect and assemble each start kit to ensure top quality.

Who are Electronic Cigarettes intended for?

Electronic Cigarettes are designed for experienced adult smokers of legal age to purchase cigarette products in your province.

Who should not use Electronic Cigarettes?

Non-smokers, minors, pregnant women, nursing women, women who could become pregnant, and those with sensitivity to Vegetable glycerin.

Can I Smoke an Electronic Cigarette anywhere?

Electronic Cigarettes are not a tobacco product and therefore should not fall under the “no tobacco products” smoking laws, though you should check the legislation and regulations in your area.

Why is there no nicotine in your products?

Under Canadian Law and Health Canada regulations, nicotine is described as a controlled substance only available by a doctor’s prescription and thus is not permitted in Canada to be sold in e-liquid or e-cigarette products at this time. Also, our whole philosophy on our business is we are in the business of offering people a safe alternative to smoking. Nicotine is a very dangerous and highly addictive drug, and we think it’s better that it’s not in our products.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerine usually referred to simply as glycerine, is a clear, virtually odorless viscous fluid which is slightly thicker and sweeter than propylene glycol. Vegetable Glycerin is extracted from the natural oils found in vegetables and is used in more than 1500 applications, many of them as additives to food and drink. It is also used as a sugar substitute/sweetener that does not raise blood sugar.

Note: our suggested e-juice uses Vegetable Glycerin as the ingredient that produces the vapor, and does NOT contain Propylene Glycol (as many other e-juice suppliers use). Propylene glycol has been known to cause throat irritation such as sore and dry throats, and some people have allergic reactions to Propylene Glycol. Also, Vegetable Glycerin is known to produce a better quality vapor as compared to Propylene glycol.