Evolve’s Bursted Eliquid Review


VapeFu is a company that offers several brands of e-liquids to choose from. Most of their best sellers are premium ones. The brands they showcase are some of the best on the market today. You can visit VapeFu to check out cheap ejuice products.

When you decide to browse the company’s website, you’ll be greeted by a large selection of vaping products. The website is easy to navigateand flavor is promoted well by Vapefu.com.

One of their best-sellers is Bursted Ejuice by Evolve. This flavor has the sweet refreshing taste of Watermelon Starburst Candy! You can make this your all day vape! You’ll want more of this once you try it. You got a sweet tooth? Then this one is definitely for you.

Flavor Description

Once you open a bottle of the Bursted Ejuice by Evolve, the scent of watermelon candies will right away dominate your nostrils. It is mouthwatering and just by smelling it, you will want to have a bite of that watermelon candy!

This juice will awaken your senses and could probably serve as your dessert. Upon your inhale of the vapor from this e-liquid, you will taste the real flavor of what a watermelon candy should taste like. This is an invigorating ejuice.

Catch the sweet smell of dessert in this eliquid to amplify your vaping experience. I bet you’ll get addicted to how this smells and tastes if it’s sweetness that you are after. The flavor is so thick and full.  And if you do want more of this, Vapefu.com offers Evolve’s Bursted. I wouldn’t miss this premium flavor from Evolve. This is such a must try.

Nicotine Strength                  

You can choose from three options for the nicotine level of the Bursted E-juice by Evolve. The available levels are 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine concentrations.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit from Evolve’s Bursted Ejuice. You’ll feel a slight sensation in your throat. But it is mild and won’t irritate.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds are produced by Evolve’s Bursted Ejuice. The clouds stays there for a while and you can you can smell the tasty flavor as if you were in Candyland. Plus.


How they packaged the Bursted vape juice by Evolve is attractive. It comes in a black bottle with a dropper. A picture of a fierce panda wearing a scarf is their logo. You will see the company name printed on the bottle in a grunge font. The flavor name is also there. Bits of information about the product is also indicated.


If you’re looking for a vape juice that will be as good as dessert, then you should absolutely try Bursted Eliquid brought to you by Evolve. It’s a mouthwatering flavor that is made to taste like  watermelon candies.

This ejuice is fanrastic. You will smell that sweet scent once you open a bottle of this premium flavor by Evolve. What’s great is the enticing scent of the summer fruit. Upon inhaling it, you’ll get a grip of the watermelon scent. This flavor makws a  delightful addition to your vaping collection. Your taste buds will thank you for it. The flavor is rich and true to its description. There are other brands that might be having Watermelon Candy flavor too,  but Evolve is a quality one that I can vouch for.  If you’re on the hunt for the best vape juiceon the market, Vapefu is your one-stop vaping shop. The best thing about the site is it has variety and there are tons to choose from.

Evolve has more flavors in stock at https://vapefu.com/. I hope you liked my review of Evolve’s Bursted Ejuice. You are able to order a 30ml bottle of this product for only $24.99. Check Vapefu.com if there’s an available Bursted bottle for you now.

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