Drip Shields.. and How They Work


Drip shields are a very simple to use accessory, and up to a few days ago, I didn’t think I would be writing this post until a seasoned veteran mentioned something that made me realize he simply did not get their function.


Dripping with a 901 atomizer, as anyone that has tried it will tell you is a pain. Not because the atomizers are of poor quality, quite the contrary they give off more flavor that most others out there. Because the airflow in the 901’s comes from a hole on the side of the atomizer body, meaning that even if you don’t over-drip the juice can and usually does find it’s way out of the atomizer and onto you mod, hands, hair, carpet.. all over the place.

The solution to this simple but frustrating problem came from empiremods.com in the form of a drip shield. A simple piece of tubing that slides over the atomizer body altering the air path to a higher point, while at the same time providing a small juice tank. This method has proven very efficient and is the same for all drip shields in the market, be they empire drip guards or Chinese clones.

The Confusion:

While the drip shields were made specifically for the 901 atomizers, they work just as well with 510’s and 306 atomizers, with the use of an adapter. The adapter in question is necessary and not only because it adds height – in fact, this is where my veteran friend got confused thinking he did not need an adapter with a long barrel 510 because it had the same height as a 901 – but because the air path to these atomizers is through the threading and sometimes bottom.

I’m horrible with explanations, so let’s try a visual approach. (do not mock my drawing abilities.. these were done in LibreOffice Design for a reason.. the reason being I’m too cheap to get an expensive CAD application)

Air path for a 901 in a drip shield:


Juice Path of a 901 in a drip shield:


So far so good, right? But what happens with a long barrel 510 without an adapter in a drip shield.

Well lets see the air path:


And the juice path:



The 510 tube housing is long enough to fit through, but never-the-less the juice flow remains unaltered and the liquid, in the case of over dripping, will come through the bottom, not affected by the drip shield in any way other than cosmetically. The solution is a cheap, reliable SEALED extender/adapter (depending on your PV‘s threading)

Air path for 510 with adapter in a drip shield:



Juice path for 510 with adapter in a drip shield:



No matter what the length of the 510, or even if it is a sealed bottom or an open one, the sealed adapter is necessary to alter the path of juice and airflow. The adapter itself needs to be sealed as well otherwise it can provide the juice an escape path through the bottom.


The sketches were made to be simple illustrations; they were not made for accuracy.
A particular type of drip shields is available that has four air holes at the top instead of the illustrated 2; this has no effect on the function.

Photos of drip shields with the air holes on the bottom can be found on some vendor sites, these were shot upside down and should be used with the holes at the top.

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