Crumbs Apple Cinnamon Muffin E Juice Review


An e-juice has been recently been recommended to me by my friends and other vaping enthusiasts. After hearing the hype about every aspect of this blend, I have to admit my expectations went higher. Below, I will give you my thoughts on the Apple Cinnamon Muffin e-liquid by Crumbs.

I would like to score this Crumbs premium e juice based on five categories, namely, presentation, cloud/vapor production, flavor, ADV (all-day vape), and price.  I bought this e-liquids with my own money and I have not been influenced to say anything positive or negative about it.


The e-juice is packed in a clear bottle with a black dropper cap. Such dropper cap is always a plus point for me as it makes it easier for you to transfer the e-liquid from the bottle to your atomizer without creating so much mess. The brown-colored label bears a real image of an apple cinnamon muffin, as well as the brand name, flavor name, and nicotine concentration level. The minimalist approach attracted me a bit, so this deserves an 8 to me.

Cloud/Vapor Production

This blend has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30. The high vegetable glycerin content in the mix does not dull down the flavor. And in terms of clouds, this baby sure does gives off thick, luscious, and nicely dense clouds each time. This has a solid and not shabby vapor production. For this category, this baby scores an 8.5.


Flavor as you know is the most critical in every vape. Some vapers I know do not really mind the clouds or the price as long as the taste is spot on. The Apple Cinnamon Muffin e-liquid by Crumbs is definitely a combination of sweet apples and warm cinnamon muffins. The taste is not overly complex and it is perfectly balanced so that one flavor does not overpower the other.

On the inhale, you will get the robust apple flavor with hints of cinnamon. Then as this flavor lingers on your tongue, it shifts and the muffin accents start to appear and last through the exhale. Such cycle repeats on each puff, thus making you crave for more.

Before I forget, the aroma is to die for (maybe because Apple Cinnamon pies, muffins, or cakes have always been my favorite go-to dessert food). The instance you remove that lid from the bottle, your nose will be met by the delicious scent of an oven fresh-baked muffin with a succulent blend of fresh sweet apple and hints of cinnamon. Ain’t that appetizing to smell? So for the flavor, here’s a 9.

ADV (All-day Vape)

If you are on the hunt for a suitable all-day vape or you just want to add something on your collection, then this baby definitely deserves a spot. The sweetness is not irritating to the throat. This also runs smooth and pleasant with no nose burning sensation just like you have probably experienced on other strong flavored e-juices.
For this blend, the apple and cinnamon flavors made the hit crisp and sharp, and the sugary desserts coming from the muffins perfected the overall balance. For the ADV category, I give this e-juice another 9.


While I mentioned earlier that some vapers always put flavor top of their priorities. Other vapers I know always weigh if the e-juice profile is really worth the price. Luckily, this e-juice has a great and affordable price. Buy e-juices online and catch a sweet deal from the Crumbs. You can secure your own 60-mL bottle of this scrumptious e-liquid for only $24.99. Don’t worry, the entire bottle can last up to several weeks for average users. Still a 9 for the price.

By the way, this e-juice comes in three different nicotine concentration levels. The 6 mg of nicotine is the highest and is suitable for those who wants to experience the strongest hit available for this flavor. The 3 mg of nicotine is designed for average users or those who are still starting, while the 0 mg for those who wants an absolute nicotine-free blend.

Overall, I am giving this e-juice a 9 across the board. Calling all sweet pastry or fruit flavors fans out there. This baby is a definite must try. A piece of advice though, I enjoyed vaping this in the morning while I am reading my newspaper and relaxing on the porch. It pairs well with a cup of hot, roasted coffee.

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