Cheap E-Juice Glazed Donut E-Liquid Review


Now how do you even describe the delicious taste of donuts? How do you prevent yourself from lining up each time Krispy Kreme’s hot light signals turn on signifying that hot, chewy, sweet, and yummy glazed donuts are serving at that very moment? I have my own weakness for glazed donuts and it sure is irresistible to my eyes. But what if we can enjoy donuts without gaining some pounds. That is right, this Glazed Donut eliquid from Cheap E-Juice sure has a solution to that.

The second you open the bottle, you will truly float to the nice frosting scent of donut filling the air. There is that aroma telling you that something sweet is heading to your taste buds. If you actually taste the ejuice, your senses will definitely be awakened because you know, nothing beats the taste of glazed donuts.

“Glazed Donut by Cheap eJuice is a donut flavored e-juice that is not only creamy and filled with custard but also tastes like it’s fresh from your local donut shop.”

The flavor intensity of this blend is just perfect. It is not too light or too intense. On the inhale, you will enjoy yourself with the yummy taste of donut cake followed by the frosting. Then these flavors start to shift inside your mouth so that the frosting finds its way out first then followed by the donut cake. But there’s more to that, if you think this is plain donut cake and frosting only, you will actually be surprised with the kind of creaminess that lingers throughout the exhale. It is so good you might even want to finish the entire bottle right there and then.

Probably you are thinking now that this is something intolerably sweet because of course donuts are meant to be sweet. However, Cheap E-Juice did a very nice and swift job turning this blend’s sweetness into something that is just right. I mean, the sweetness is neither lackluster nor overwhelming. This does not make you cough or splutter as well. And yes, the longer I vape this, it starts to taste like the Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

The Glazed Donut blend from Cheap E-Juice has a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It runs smoothly and pleasantly on the throat, without giving any nose tingling or throat burning sensation. What’s more,  this juice does not leave your mouth and throat feeling dry like a desert.

If you ask me if I can eat donuts all day, my answer is a big yes. And this also goes for this vape juice, you can absolutely vape this all-day, maybe even for an entire week or even until you get tired of it. Anyways, this is not a coil or atomizer killer so there isn’t really much of a problem. Trust me, this baby is one clean vape.

There are two nicotine options for the Glazed Donut ejuice – 3 mg and 6 mg. If you are looking for a mellow hit, you can opt for the 3 mg version. But if you want the strongest hit this ejuice can offer, then go for the 6 mg. Both levels will produce full-on flavor and will give you the ultimate vaping experience. Newbies tend to start with the 3 mg, while current vapers and previous cigarette smokers pick the 6 mg as it mimics the hit cigarettes would give them.

You can get your own Glazed Donut bottle for only $12.99 at the Cheap Ejuice website. I have not seen an ejuice as cheap but as good as this. Quality is top-notch, flavor is spot on, vapor/cloud production is awesome, and packaging has detailed information. What more can we really ask for an ejuice under 15 bucks? Other flavors with this performance can cost up to three times this price. I highly recommend this to all dessert lovers looking for a good tasting donut flavor vape juice.

Cheap E-Juice is an eliquid maker from Costa Mesa, California. It is committed to making premium quality ejuices at very affordable rates. It has a wide selection of flavors to choose from, ranging from fruits and menthol to candies and sours. You can pick whatever you are craving for. Visit its website for to get more of this blend on its Dessert Flavors collection.

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