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I’ve been reviewing electronic cigarettes for some time.  Recently I came across this new brand that seems to challenge everything I knew about e-cigarettes and starter kits. Chase Cigs have some interesting ideas, and their standard e-cigarette starter kit does come with everything that you’re going to need to make the switch to e-smoking and kick that nasty tobacco habit. Let’s take a look at why this brand, Chase Cigs, is set to catch up to all of the vaping market leaders.

Chase Cigs has a nice site, its well designed and it captures the spirit that they try to instill in their e-cigarettes and starter kits. I stumbled across this vape shop when a fellow electronic cigarette expert told me about a newer brand that had a sleek design and great performance. I headed over to their website and found out some more information about their brand before purchasing anything for e cig reviews.

I had to check it out myself. I contacted Chase Cigs and received a sample starter kit for review. Below is my review for the brand, including the things I liked and didn’t like as well as a full rating overview for their brand.

Chase Cigs Review – E Cig Starter Kits

Chase Cigs e-cigarette batteries, regardless of which color you choose, are a beautiful species of electronic cigarette. However, it does serve to mention that they have three different colors that you can choose from depending on your personal style as an e-smoker: black, white or stainless steel are the options they currently offer. I prefer the black or stainless steel color.

Things I Liked About Chase Cigs

Chase Cigs goes above and beyond in their design because not only do you get to choose the color of your battery in your starter kit, but the cartridges that come with it will match whatever color battery you chose! The stainless steel and black batteries come with matching cartridges; the sleek stainless steel cartridges are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, they’re so new-age. Oh, and for you traditional e-smokers out there that want an experience similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes, Chase Cigs White batteries come with those classical orange speckled cartridges that look like a real tobacco filter. You’ll feel just like you always did when you were smoking analog (tobacco) cigarettes back in the day.

The Flavors and Vapor

The first thing I noticed when using my Chase e-Cigarette was the amazing plumes of vapor that came spilling out of my mouth after the first puff. The vapor quality and throat hit I received from this Chase brand were superb. I couldn’t believe I was blowing so many smoke rings off of one inhale.

But it wasn’t only the quality of the vapor that I enjoyed. The flavor options for the Chase Cigs Cartridges are simply fantastic. They don’t have a huge collection or anything, but I find that this usually means that they concentrate more on each specific flavor to get the optimal taste. Chase Cigs flavor cartridges come in the following flavors: Grit, Arctic Menthol, Arabian, Flavorless and Pure Vanilla. I tried out all of these flavors for this review, and I have to say they were ALL quality. I rarely ever find every single flavor from a brand to be of high quality, but I can say it without hesitation for Chase Cigs.

I particularly liked the Griz flavor and surprisingly, the Flavorless flavor. (oxymoron haha) The Griz flavor is considered a good choice for former Marlboro smokers and a flavor that recreates that traditional tobacco experience. And the Flavorless flavor is something that I haven’t really seen on the market before, but it was really cool. It was nice because sometimes the flavorings can taste really bad and ruin the experience, but with the flavorless option, this wasn’t a concern.

Full Rating Breakdown For Chase Cigs

Appearance and Design  10/10

As I mentioned earlier, this brand has created an e-cigarette with simply amazing appearance and design. The idea of matching the different battery colors to the flavor cartridges that come with the starter kit is pure genius. The black and stainless steel designs are just so futuristic looking, it’s hard not to love the design of this brands electronic cigarette model.

Technology and Quality   9/10

This brand has the famous 2-piece kr808d-1 model of electronic cigarette, and you can never really go wrong with that. Their e-cigarette battery is compatible with flavor cartridges from a bunch of different brands: v2 Cigs, Vapor4Life, SmokeTip, White Cloud and Premium brand cartridges will all fit onto your Chase Cigs battery.

Battery Life and Quality  9/10

The kr808d battery is not particularly known for its battery life – but don’t think that it won’t last you a long enough time. The mini electronic cigarettes are great because they’ll last you a good three to four hours before they run out, and you still get to enjoy that miniature quality and traditional cigarette feeling. But beyond the battery life, the Chase Cigs battery has a little extra oomph; their battery comes in at a very strong voltage of 4.3v, this is one of the highest in the industry, and the result is some very high-quality vapor.

Vapor Fullness and Power  9/10

The Chase e-Cigarette packs a huge punch. I mentioned earlier that I was surprised at the huge amount of vapor that this miniature electronic cigarette could generate, and I wasn’t lying. Sometimes an e-Cigarette can generate a lot of vapor without being fully satisfying, not true with Chase Cigs. The full vapor is complemented by a very powerful throat hit that made this brand stand out compared to similar models.

Price 9/10

$69.95   That’s such a reasonable price for the Chase Starter Kit. I mean you’re getting two batteries, two 5-packs of flavor cartridges, a wall charger and a USB charger. Throw in that 45-day full warranty and you’re looking at one of the best bargains out there today. I haven’t seen many under $70 starter kits that come with so many add-ons and extras, let alone two batteries and two packs of cartridges.

Final Look at Chase Cigs

So after my full review of the Chase Cigs brand with their Standard Chase Starter Kit, I have to say that this is a quality e-Cigarette option. The design is one of my favorite aspects of this kit, and I was able to use my electronic cigarette as a great conversation starter in bars and restaurants because it just looks so sleek and futuristic – people wanted to know more. And I can’t deny that the vapor quality and power of the Chase e-Cigarette stands up to any of the top brands on the market today – it will leave you honestly satisfied and ease your transition from tobacco to vapor.

The Chase Starter Kit (and the Chase Premium Starter Kit) are viable options for both beginning e-smokers and veterans alike. The compatibility with so many other brands makes it a true force on the electronic cigarette market and the pure quality of the vapor and flavors shows me that the guys over at Chase eCigs really know what they’re doing and want to create products that will be best electronic cigarette brands into the future. And at only $69.95 for the Chase Starter Kit, you really won’t break the bank at all. Definitely one of the top starter kits in that price range.

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