Bazooka Sour Straws Blue Raspberry E-Liquid Review

Blue Raspberry is the latest flavor added to the Bazooka Sour Straws e-liquid line, and it lives up to the expectations created by its predecessors. The Bazooka Sour Straws e-juice line is based on the flavor of the iconic Sour Punch Straws candy. The makers of these e-liquids nailed it as far as replicating the taste of the popular sour, and sweet candy goes. If e-liquids with candy flavor is your thing, then you will love Bazooka Sour Straws blends.
Blue Raspberry from Bazooka Sour Straws tastes just like Sour Punch Blue Raspberry Chewy Straws. The tartness of this e-juice is not as strong as you may expect. The blue raspberry flavor tends to be more dominant at low wattages. When you pump up the wattage, you will get more of the sour flavor. The taste of this e-liquid does not change much on the inhale and exhale. You first taste the sweetness followed by a rush of sourness. However, the tangy flavor is a bit more distinct on the exhale. If you are a fan of candy vapes, but you do not like overly sweet blends, then you will love this Blue Raspberry e-juice.
Bazooka Sour Straws Blue Raspberry does not come pre-steeped, so you need to steep it to get the best taste. Many vapers have revealed that when they first bought this e-liquid and tried it, they weren’t impressed. However, after steeping it, the taste came together really nicely.
This Blue Raspberry e-liquid has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. You can choose to either drip this e-liquid or vape it from a tank and still enjoy the same great taste. The cloud production of this Bazooka Sour Straws e-juice is remarkable. You will get massive dense vapor from every hit of this e-liquid.
Like other e-juice blends in the Bazooka Sour Straws line, Blue Raspberry is available in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The fact that this e-liquid comes with varying nicotine levels means every vaper can enjoy it. This Blue Raspberry blend has a weak throat hit. Vaping the version of this e-liquid with 3mg of nicotine, you will barely get any throat hit. If you need a good throat hit, you are better off going for the version of this e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine provided you can handle the nic buzz that it will deliver.
The packaging design of Blue Raspberry is similar to others in the Bazooka Sour Straws line in the sense that it is reminiscent of the packaging of Sour Punch Straws candy. This e-liquid comes in a box with a blue and yellow design. Inside the box, you will find a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with a label that features the same colorful design you will find on the box. It is very easy and convenient to drip or fill your tank directly from the bottle. You can get this e-liquid in a 60ml or 200ml bottle. If you buy the 200ml version of this Blue Raspberry blend, you will get two 15ml unicorn bottle to enable you to carry the e-juice around.
It costs up to $24.99 for a 60ml bottle of Bazooka Sour Straws Blue Raspberry in most online vape shops. However, you can get it on Ultimate Vape Deals for just $11.99.
Apart from Blue Raspberry, the other e-juice blends in the Bazooka Sour Straws line are Green Apple, Strawberry, and Watermelon, The Bazooka Sour Straws brand was created by Kilo E-Liquids. This company, which is based in California, is known for its premium vape juice blends. Kilo has many popular e-liquids to its name including the award-winning Cereal Milk.

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