Bambam’s Cannoli E-liquid-Cookies and Cream Review



Nicotine level   0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle sizes   90 ml

VG/PG   70/30

Price    $ 29 .99

Packaging   5 stars

Bambam’s Cannoli E-liquid has by far, the best and user-friendly packaging I have seen so far.  The juice can only comes in one size – 90 ml. But instead of coming in one big gorilla bottle or the medicine dropper type one, the product comes in 3 three unicorn bottles, each bottle containing 30 ml of the vape juice, therefore making it convenient for the user.  No need to transfer from one big bottle to a smaller one.  It is ideal as a drip, and it is very convenient to use when you are on the go.

Flavor   5 stars

The flavor profile is described as a delectable cream filling encased in a cookie crust layer of pure tastiness, finished off with a hint of home-made whipped cream.  The flavor upon inhale is full-bodied and pretty much tastes like a cream-filled cookie.  It’s what it the description says it is.  The chocolate combines with the cookie quite nicely, giving the vapor a very realistic taste.  The cream flavor is smooth and only floats to the roof of the mouth during the exhale, giving a nice balance to the whole mix.  The smooth tone of the cream cuts through the bitterness of the choco-cookie mix.

On the inhale, the cream flavor can really be felt with just a hint of an Oreo cookie flavor, but on the exhale, you can really taste the creamy flavor of the cookie with just a faint bakery note, which could have been the cannoli.  On the tail end of the exhale, you can definitely taste the chocolate flavor, with just the right hint of the cookie flavor. But just like the cannoli, you do need to take deep lung hits in order to detect the faint flavors of both the cookie and the cannoli. The juice was not too overpowering, and can be used as an all-day vape.

Throat Hit  5 stars

With the 3mg nicotine, the juice gave a pretty decent hit.  The nicotine was not scratchy, and it did not leave a bitter aftertaste during the exhale. It was overall pretty smooth during the whole vaping experience.  You can do long deep hits with this one, without any stinging or burning sensation in your throat.  You can pretty much do hits all-day long, and you can even up the nicotine content, without fear of having a sore throat after.

Cloud Production  4 stars

The juice was vaped with a Smok Alien with a VOY RDTA vape mod combo.  For a 70/30 ratio, the Bambam’s Cookies and Creme e-juice flavor made for some pretty decent clouds, though they were not too dense.  Despite the clouds being a little thin, it can pack quite a fog when you do a long, hard hit. Even with a vape pen, the user could get a pretty decent exhale from this juice.  The juice may not produce competition-type clouds, but a beginner may actually use this juice for practice.

Overall  4.75 stars

I was totally satisfied with the Bambam’s Cannoli Cookies and Creme e-liquid, the flavor was full-bodied and smooth on both the inhale and the exhale. It totally tasted like a real chocolate cannoli.  It had a nice throat hit, and it is pretty convenient to use.  Although a little warning to vapers, because the juice is so sweet, it can be a bit of a problem for the coils.  You can go a maximum of two days before changing your cotton.

For me, personally, I don’t really mind changing my cotton often. But for those who are not fans of frequent cotton changing, the fact that this sweet e-liquid can potentially destroy your coils is worth mentioning.  For those who are into sweet e-juices, this is the best cannoli flavoured e-juice out in the market right now.  Not only is it a great blend, but it is also easy to carry around with you.  No need for fluid transfer or refills.  For the price of $29.99, the Bambam’s Cannoli Cookies and Creme flavor is definitely worth the price.  I am a sweet e-liquid fan, and can definitely see myself buying this juice again.

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