7 Daze Magnetic Worm Review


Several types of vape juices are available at Vapebox. These different e-liquids are sure to satisfy your vaping since these are made from quality ingredients. You can check out these products at the Vapebox website.

One of the best e-liquids that can be found at Vapebox is the Magnetic Worm by 7 Daze. This has the real flavor of sweet and sour gummy worm candy that tantalizes your taste buds. Once you get to taste this vape juice, you will definitely get hooked to it.

Flavor Description

Once you inhale the vapor from the Magnetic worm, you will right away taste its sweet and sour gummy worm flavor. It is like eating those deliciously produced gummy worms from your childhood. The sweet and sour taste from this e-juice seeps into your mouth and stays there for awhile which is really cool. What is great about this e-liquid is it does not have any chemical aftertaste. You just taste the flavored juice straight which is so rich. Your mouth will not get dry nor will you feel thirsty right after you inhale the vapor from this vape juice. It is so amazing how the juice can be so flavorful. This makes you want to keep coming back for more. The cool part is the sweet and sour taste is just right that you will not get tired of the flavor. Once you open a bottle of Magnetic Worm, you can smell the sweet and sour scent coming from the vape juice which will make your mouth water. You may find other products with a similar flavor but, 7 Daze definitely nailed it with this one. This is so flavorful that you want to vape all day with the e-liquid. It can even be your everyday vape juice.

Nicotine Strength

You can get three nicotine strengths from the Magnetic worm by 7 Daze. The choices that you have are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit if you vape using Magnetic Worm by 7 Daze. There is a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat that is not irritating at all. You just can vape all day because of the mildness of its throat hit.

Vapor Production

Magnetic Worms by 7 Daze produces thick clouds. You will be amazed at these thick clouds since these do not disappear right away. These are indeed a sight to behold. The cool thing is the sweet and sour scent coming from the juice stays longer in the air. This scent is pleasing to your nose.


The Magnetic Worm by 7 Daze is made from exquisite ingredients. Once you taste it, you right away can tell the sweet and sour flavor of gummy worm candies. It is so real that it feels like eating these gummy worm candies in your home. The scent coming from this e-liquid is so enticing that will make your mouth water right away once you smell it. All you want to do is indulge in it and vape all day long. You will be awed by the thick clouds that come out. These clouds are so wonderful and these stay longer in the air. You will not notice the hit once you inhale the vapor from this vape juice since it has a mild throat hit. You can feel a small sensation that is pleasing to your throat. The good thing is there is no weird aftertaste from this e-juice. You will have three options for its nicotine strengths. The choices for you are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations. This is just one best vape juice that you must try. You get the best value for your money since this is very affordable. You can purchase a 60ml bottle of the Magnetic Worm by 7 Daze for only $25.00. This product can easily be ordered at Vapebox’s website. There is no need to wait for a long time since this is still available. You can get one now and enjoy the richness of this e-juice’s taste. This is one vape juice that you will never get tired of tasting. It will definitely bring back a lot of memories from your childhood when gummy worms were a thing.

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