10 E-Liquid Flavors That You Must Try


There are all types of e-juice flavors on the market. Sometimes, you may find two e-liquids with the same flavor and you may think they’re the same, but once you taste them both, you’ll be stunned. This is one of the beautiful things about vaping. In this post, we’ll be looking at some weird premium e-juice recipes that you must try.

  • Beer by Tasty Puff – There are a few beer e-liquids on the market. Originally, the flavor was reserved for a niche, but many vapers are now into beer vapes. If you’re looking for the perfect beer e-juice, then Beer e-juice is for you. This Tasty Puff e-juice has the flavor of a lager beer. It is a nice refreshing vape that you will enjoy.
  • Elderberry by Slim’s E-juice – If you’ve never heard of Elderberries, they grow in the Autumn season and resemble grapes, but with a deep purple color. Elderberries have a sweet taste with a tart finish. If you love elderberries, you must try this one.
  • Crab’s Legs by ECBlend – Crab’s Legs is the type of e-juice that you will enjoy alongside a cold beer. It has a salty taste with a texture that feels like meat. This e-liquid has a distinct shellfish flavor. It is subtle, but not weak. Crab Legs is a delicacy.
  • Salted Fish by Hangsen – Hangsen gives you the taste of fried crisp salted fish. It will certainly satisfy your taste buds. This is not one of the most popular e-juice recipes, but it’s a must try.
  • Kaluai by Slim’s E-Juice – This e-liquid is great along with a nice cup of coffee. It tastes like a nice smooth milk coffee. It’s not too sweet, and you get that slightly bitter taste of coffee. This e-liquid is best vaped at a high temperature. It will give you the impression of sipping on a cup of warm coffee. This is the kind of e-liquid that you can vape at any time of the day.
  • Wasabi by Veppo E-Liquid – For the delicious taste of Asian cuisine., this is the type of e-juice for you. Wasabi is eaten along with fish in Asia and makes the perfect vape if you like Asian dishes. It is spicy. You’ll find it difficult to vape this e-juice without mixing it with other e-liquid flavors, but it is one of those vapes that is worth trying.
  • Black Pepper by ECBlend – The spicy taste of pepper is something we usually enjoy as part of a dish. However, for a spicy vaping experience, you can try this e-juice. The taste of Black Pepper is hot, but it is not overbearing. You can mix Black Pepper with other e-juice flavors to create something unique.
  • Bacon by Mt Baker Vaper – Think of a yummy slice of bacon; that is exactly what you get from vaping this Bacon e-juice. If you have a thing for bacon, then you have to try this e-juice. It tastes just like the real thing.
  • Blue Cheese by High Desert Vapes – This is the type of cheese that will remind you of Roquefort or Cabrales. The taste is sharp and slightly salted. Blue Cheese is a great vape if you like strong, savory flavors.
  • Worcestershire Sauce by ECBlend – The sauce is often used on steak. It spices up the steak. This is a fermented condiment with a base of malt vinegar and flavored with molasses, tamarind, garlic, onion, anchovies, and other ingredients. Worcestershire is a very sharp vape that you can mix with other e-liquid flavors.

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